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Welcome to www.flicky.co.uk

Who are we.

We are a small, but friendly group who offer our services to those in need. We have good knowledge of network engineering and troubleshooting

What we do

Whether you’re frustrated with poor network performance, just moved home and need help setting up, or you need a general tidy of your cabling, we’re here to help. We also help to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with any of your computing needs. We can also help improve system performance and security. More than ever, many people are now working from home and having something in place to protect your privacy is more important then ever. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we listen to what is required from our clients.


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Our experience

We have fitted some offices with a new network, and also helped the general home user.

Our passion

Growing up with computers, we have personal hands on experience. If something doesn’t work as it should, it becomes our obsession. The reward is finding the solution. We love a great result, and seeing customer satisfaction is what drives us.

Customer Satisfaction

We want to ensure every customer is satisfied with our work. We’re approachable, friendly, and driven to provide the best service possible and if something is amiss, then please let us know!